Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eli's Birthday Bash!

Well, we brought the camera, but somehow got away without the memory card---so no pics from chuck-e-cheese but memories made! We had my best friend Shannon and her crew and adams parents. A few more people we going to come but had to go out of town at the last minute to see family! ( I would do that too!!!) We had tons of fun there and still going strong at home. Eli was so pooped once he got home, he crashed and Emry has taken over and fell in love with Eli's Elmo live (thanks maw maw, paw paw & rosa). It's so cute---but a little scary at how real he is and knows when he's fallen down. He scored big with an elmo movie and also a big geotrax mega system that we are in the process of setting up now.

Then Emry thought she'd be a lot bigger with my boots on! Boy, doesn't she look cute! (lol) Carrying that nice purse that was a gift to me for graduation (out of nursing school) she looks a lot older, a lot more "grown up," right? Well, since she though those boots and purse made her big, she got a big attitute right along with it, drew on the purse WITH A SHARPIE---and then made the attitue disappear after daddy's little talk with her!

Poor Kynnedy, sitting here with this innocent face and you can just tell she's thinking her favorite quote in her head! Wanna know what it is? "I guess I just have to take care of all these kids!" When people ask her what she did over the weekend, her answer always is "I just had to take care of all those kids"

At least she's practicing writing her name, right?

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