Thursday, November 6, 2008


OK, so a lot has happened in little time.
*My mom came to visit again!! YAY!! She will be here for a short while!
*The night she came, we got a new president-elect
*Adam's Grandma is in the hospital, she needs prayer for healing. (she's going to be 90 in a few days)
*Mrs. Lisa is STILL in the hospital and needs healing, So please keep her in your prayers also!
*Eli fell out of the car last friday (it was parked) and had his arm x-rayed today. There's possibly a hair line fracture, but nothing to worry about THANK YOU LORD!
*He fell in the bath-tub tonight and now he has a "super fat lip"
*Emry started her new school this week, so goes to school 4 days a week now.. (we all need prayer for that) She's not a morning person, and really doesn't like the idea of going to school, though once she get's there she has a BLAST!
*We all got to have luch with Kynnedy today and that was a special time!
*our "project house" has a completed roof that looks AMAZING! Thanks James!
*more to come, so stay tuned.................

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