Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We had the best time last night! It was Family Night at Kynnedy's school! We heard Chistmas Carolers as soon as we walked in the door. What a way to start the evening. It was so cold and when you walked in to hear songs of what Christmas is really about, it just put you in the CHRISTmas spirit immidiatly! We stood and listened for a while and then went up to her classroom to learn the math games that she played regularly! It was so fun sitting at the table to have her teach us what she does so often. We are proud of you KYNNEDY! We entered door prizes, voted on the best decorated door and then went on down to the book fair! After the book fair, we went to the "store" that they had set up. THe Kids have been working so hard in art class making christmas decorations to sell in the store. I was telling Kynnedy that I was going to buy ALL the ones that she made. Her answer you ask? here it goes. "NO, mom! Don't wast your money on that!!! I want books!! if you use your money on that we won't have any for books! I will make you some at home" She already has this figured out in her little head! Well, I splurged and bought the ones that she made!

This one below was my christmas present from her. I was supposed to take it home and put it under our non-existant tree and save it for later date to open, but she made me open it here! The snowmen are made out of her fingerprints! How sweet!!

Her classroom Christmas tree

AND CURIOUS GEORGE EVEN MADE A VISIT!!!!!!! Emry was hiding at this point! She's not afraid of Chuck-E-Cheese, but wants NOTHING to do with C.G.

What a wonderful time! Thanks Kynnedy for having us at your school!

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