Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2nd Hannah Update today

(email from my friend/ Hannah's Aunt)
I just talked to Sully. Hannah is very peaceful this morning. Brad and Jill have talked to their regular oncologist Dr. Saylors and he said that the cancer was pretty much all over Hannah's brain. The swelling is pushing down on her brain stem quite a bit. He then went in and talked to Hannah and told her that medically speaking he had done all he could do for her and that he was placing her in God's hands. She said okay and he asked if she had any questions and she said no. Although she answered that has pretty much been the extent of her conversation. They feel confident that she knows what is going on. The family that is there had a joyous prayer time after the Dr. left this morning.

They are planning on going ahead and moving her to a hospice facility in Little Rock this afternoon. I don't exactly know what my plans are but I feel like the girls and I will be going tonight or in the morning. Sully and I are going to talk again around 2 and try to decide.
Thank you for your prayers.... we are just in awe of God and his timing ... how perfect it is... Sully said that he really feels God speaking to him and using him right now. We love you
God is good all the time.

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