Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Emry has had a busy day today. She took a field trip to the bakery and got to take a tour and see how things were made. They were fed donuts and milk for breakfast and they all had a blast. Can you imagine 20+ 3 year olds in the bakery at one time? I coudn't either, so instead of adding my kids to the mix, we opted for daddy go on the trip with her! He had a good time too. Before the field trip they had a lesson on Doctors. This is right up her ally! She loves going to the doctor, but more, she lovers HER doctors. Dr.Miller and her heart doc. Dr.Seib. She tends to have Dr. Miller withdraws, so she's been known to fake a sickness to get her Dr. Miller fix. He's soooo good to and so good with her. So Doctors--this is for you!
Here is a shot to make you all better- it'll only hurt for a second.

a Rx that insists you rest!!!!!!!!! you must take the whole 10 days of rest.

here are the bandages we will use for your cuts and scrapes (well--Emry will be nice and get a sterile bandage to prevent further infection) and open your mouth wide and say "aaahhhhhhhh" so emry can take a look"

Give her a minute and she'll pack it all back up in her dr.case and little Miss Doctor wanna be will be on her way! She'll see you back in 6 weeks for a recheck.

and a cute pic of mr.Eli! Ask him how old he is and he'll tell you "2 old"
He forgets to say years after the 2---it's so funny.
He insisted that he have his hair cut yesterday, so Adam pretended to give him a buzz.

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