Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Close to the Heart

The images below hold a very special place in my heart. It brings me back to a time in my life, where I don't wish to be again, yet am so grateful for having been there. I grew so much in the Lord during that time. I had to fully rely on Him and cling to His promises. I realized at that time, that these children He loaned me, were just that- A loan and He trusted me to take care of them, nurture them, teach them about Him and raise them to be Godly people while they were in my care. That is one area I will not slack on! I will cease every opportunity to instill God's Word, His truth, in His children that I have. I realized at that time how very important family, prayers, godly support, a church family, and last but not least, how important friends are. I realized that since these children were on loan to me, He could bring them home whenever He willed that time to be and to not question His Plan. We found out about Emry's heart condition (tetraology of Fallot) right after she was born. We knew there were risks, we knew there could be complications, we knew that statistics, we knew we WERE scared to death, but we also knew and still know today OUR GOD IS A HEALER and COMFORTER! It's so hard to explain, but even though I hurt for my daughter for having to go through this, when I handed her to Dr. (michi) Imamura I had a peace that truly surpasses all understanding. I was calm and remained calm through out. Thank you, Lord.
So as I tell you all that, it's to say this. Please pray for little Stellan. He is pictured below. He has a rare heart condition. He wasn't supposed to live according to doctors, but according to our God-there's another plan!!! Click on the Pray for stellan picture in my sidebar to read about his story. WE KNOW PRAYER WORKS, SO LET'S DO IT! I have also posted a slide show (just a few) of our little Emry and some very similar pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea you went through that. And everything you wrote is so true!