Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's been an interesting day! Kynnedy had a field trip to the wildthings farm and that's always sooooo much fun. She was so excited her daddy was going with her on this trip. She rode on the bus with all the kids on the way over there, then wanted to ride home with her dad. That turned out to be a little scary. While on the way home, a man was exiting off and plowed right into Adam and Kynnedy. It hit the passenger side and flipped the car, busted out windows, flattented tires and so much more, but needless to say the car was totaled. Thank God they were both OK! The man driving the other car was arrested and taken to jail in Oklahoma (that's where the field trip was) for DRUNK DRIVING! I have always been pretty passionate about the prevention of drunk driving, but going on yesterdays post title, for me it hit a little to close to the heart today. To close to home! I am so grateful and on my knees thanking God that my family was spared from what could have been a terrible tragedy today, but will now work even harder for that cause!

this was the other person's car


Noah's Mommy said...

Oh my goodness- that is so scary! Are they okay? (emotionally)...that must have been really frightening!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness!! How awful!! I'm so glad they weren't hurt. Hopefully they won't be too sore. And shame on that man for drunk driving! Praise the Lord your precious loveds ones are alright!

Christy said...

So, so, so glad that they were ok. Praise the Lord!!