Friday, April 24, 2009

more pictures

Kynnedy's precious teacher sent these to me today and I am so glad she did! Daddy and daughter strawberry picking---I LOVE IT!
Kyn went to the doctor today (we already had appt.s scheduled, so that worked out good) and EVERYTHING IS FINE! She has one little bruise that popped up on her leg and that's it! Adam has a huge seat belt mark and a scratch on the knee. Kyn and Emry didn't sleep well at all. They both had nightmares and Kyn is really nervous to get in a car again. She just has a lot of questions and is reserved a bit about it all. We have to go to the police station today and collect the police report and go over to the collision center and get more stuff out of our car and she DOES NOT want to go. (who can blame her)
We also discovered today that she has staph (not the bad staph) from her eczema getting infected... so continue to keep this family in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Poor thing! I know how she feels though, I'm paranoid about someone pulling out in front of me again. Praying for ya'll.

Noah's Mommy said...

So cute!!!! She is definitely in our prayers!