Sunday, May 24, 2009


I totally wish I had a picture for this one, but I don't. We had a busy day yesterday packed with LOTS of fun! The last fun thing of the day was our trip to the mall parking lot for the little carnival they had going. (those things scare me!) The kids got to ride lots of little rides and kyn wanted to ride the ferris wheel last. So Adam took the three others to the motorcycle carousel ride and Kyn and I walked over to the ferris wheel. This thing honestly looked like a "kiddie Wheel" and I didn't think much of it. The carney man said "oh c'mon mom, why don' you go ahead and ride with her?" I am like "ok, sure I will" and hope on full of excitement to get to ride with k. so we start going up and up and up and he yells "you know this goes upside down?"!!! I am FREAKING out at this point. First, because I am deathly afraid of heights in my old age and second because I am letting my 6 year old ride and upside down ride!! How could I be so silly not to realize it was a scary ride? She's crying, I am screaming and literally having to put all my weight forward to keep us from spinning upside down in the air! Finally after two and a half times around and ear piercing screams that everyone in the mall can hear, the man stops the ride at my request (or my screaming begs) and kyn and I are able to exit the ride. Our bodies felt like a sea of jell-o and our tummies hurt well into the evening from our 45 second experience earlier that day!! My first clue should have been that NO ONE ELSE WAS ON THIS RIDE!!!!!! Just me and kyn and my stupidity! No more mall carneys for us! NO WAY!

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