Monday, May 18, 2009

LUAU Strip tease!

We had a BLAST at the Sunday School Swimming party yesterday (even if it did feel like it was 40 degrees out--it was only 70 but the water was more like 50) and as always, then pendergrass family provided free entertainment! I don't know that it was appropriate behavior for a church function, but it happened anyway. With Adam and I, the deal is, whoever has Payton only does Payton and the other one keeps a watch on all the other kids. So naturally, I had Payton and Adam was SUPPOSED to be watching the others. I hear people giggling all of a sudden and then I hear Adam screaming "RACHAL, RACHAL, GET ELI!!!!!!" I look to my left and there he is in ALL his glory, standing NUDE at a church swimming party!!!!!! Leave it to us to provide you with free entertainment! Thanks so much Morrison family for being amazing hosts!

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Robin said...

This was the Kindergarten Party at Elizabeth's house? Kalek was bummed to miss it! We had a family day at the Fishin' Rodeo. I can see it was a lot of fun.