Monday, May 4, 2009

one year ago TONIGHT

One year ago tonight, Adam and I drove to the hospital to prepare for Payton's arrival. I was to have cervidil inserted to intiate the process. That wasn't needed and plans had changed shortly upon arrival. We needed to make one stop at Kohls before going to the hospital. When I got out of the car to walk in Kohl's, I said "Adam, I think I am in Labor, NOW!" He of course though I was kidding and we took our time. I needed some new FLIP FLOPS for the hospital. Nothing like last minute shopping, huh? We got to the hospital and they gave me ambien (we were still on Dr's Plan) to sleep and get ready for B-DAY. Right after I took it (about 30 min) I couldn't really deal with the pain I was having anymore. I held off from telling her b/c I wasn't totally convinced I had gone into labor on my own--I thought my mind was playing with me because of the excitement of the whole ordeal. At that moment the nurse came in and confirmed that I was infact in labor on my own. She'd been watching the reading on the computer. Adam's plan was to leave early in the morning, get the kids to a friends house, so my mom could be at the hospital with me for a while and he had to finish up last minute work. The nurse said that probably wasn't going to be a good plan, so he left at mid-night to finish up his work and got back about 1 am to find me in the hospital bathroom asleep! I had no idea. That ambien plays crazy tricks on you! :) I kept thinking I had to use the restroom and my mind was controlled by ambien, when in fact my labor was progressing! So the morning comes and things are going CRAZY, adam leaves to get the kids where they need to go, mom walks into my hospital room and sits with me for a while and the rest.... I couldn't tell you! I felt like I was in another world and wasn't a part of Payton's birth at all! But tomorrow I will have pictures of PRINCESS PAYTON on her arrival day! For now you get to see the EVE of Payton's Birthday! How so many things change in One year!

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Noah's Mommy said...

That is hilarious that you were asleep in the bathroom!!! What a fun story to tell in twenty years!