Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This day, This hour, One Year Ago

Laboring was only half the problem. I should have know with the way the night before her arrival began, that it was going to continue into the morning hours and thereafter.
She arrived at 10:46 am, But not willingly I must add. She was my largest baby and we really didn't know she was going to be that large. Neither did my Dr! Coming in at 8lbs and 11oz she beat my others by far. On her journey out, and being that big, she got stuck and though it's common, the cord was wrapped tightly around her neck. Her shoulder got stuck and she was diagnosed with Erbs Palsy. Basically her right shoulder was paralyzed and we didn't know if it was temporary at that point or not.
She was sent straight to the NICU without me even holding her because she was also not breathing. My mom had come in to check on me and had no idea I had already had Payton. She new immediately something was wrong. (me...still under ambien side effects and stadol because I didn't want and epidural, had no idea the condition my baby was in) My mom put two and two together and saw a nurse RUNNING out with a baby in her arms and realized it was ours. She said she looked at Adam and saw that he looked like a ghost and couldn't believe this was happening. They moved me to another room (which I still cant recall) and said that she'd be in the NICU all night and we probably wouldn't see her at all that day. With many prayers lifted, we got to see her a little bit later and from then on out, she stayed in the room with me. NO NICU! Thank you Lord! The trauma of the whole birth took its toll on her and me. That was the longest and worst recovery for me and well, as far as Payton goes, you can see from the pictures that it was traumatic on her. Here we are today, Healthy and happy as can be! Her paralysis was completely gone in about a month or so and she's done wonderful ever since! Thank you Lord for blessing me with 4 of your precious children!!
Now we are on the 5 day countdown to Emry's birthday!
and to Jonh V.---Happy birthday friend we think you and your family are AWESOME! We love you guys!
and for the rest of you.....CINCO de MAYO!



Noah's Mommy said...

She is beautiful! I am so happy God blessed you with healthy children and that everything is better now! Happy birthday!

The Morse Family said...

I can't believe she's already 1! That's crazy how fast time goes by with children. She sure is beautiful, just like her mom =)