Saturday, October 24, 2009

busy & sad

We had a super busy week and a little bit of sadness too! Mom left yesterday-it's always so hard to see her go! Kynnedy did exceptionally well with her leaving this time, I on the other hand did not!!! We switched roles a little this time, I guess.
On the flip side, we had two field trips this week!!! that's always so much fun. Mom went with Emry and I got to go with Kynnedy yesterday. They were both at the Wild Things Farm. I think in our 5 years of living here, we've been to that place at least 30 times!! :) Emry's day was pleasant there this week. Mine and Kynnedy's day there was WAAAAAYYYY to COLD!!!!!!!!! (but it was still LOT's of fun) All the first graders at her school are just adorable, sweet little children and the teachers are amazing---They really make a difference!

I did learn this week that I failed my glucose test again. I go for the three hour one now (which I have had to do on all 4 of the other pregnancies) and will also fail or come back "borderline." This time I am taking it a little more seriously since Payton came in at just about 9 pounds this last time. That is by far my biggest baby and with all the complications, I definitely want this monitored a little more closely.. Anyhow---the three hour test I will take on monday, so I will keep ya posted. for now--enjoy the farm pics and we are going to enjoy the rest of our day! We've already had a HUGE breakfast this saturday and even shook our own homemade butter!!!

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Beth said...

It's always hard when "mom" leaves! Take care of yourself and that bun in the oven ;-)