Monday, October 19, 2009

lot's to say!

So we have had a CrAzY couple of weeks!!! with the "possible h1n1" taking a small toll on Eli to Payton having her fair share of fever, to birthday parties, and a visit from Grammy! We've had playdates, garage sells, and still kickin' with football season! It's been busy around this place!!!!! Today I got to hear little Prince's heartbeat again. I love going to every dr. visit to hear that sound--we are on the countdown now though. Down to the 2 week visits! woo hoo!! Through all the craziness, I have sure slacked on the blog and am super sorry once again! It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's hard to play catch up. We went on a walk today and and Emry said the perfect thing to how I actually feel. She found a cricket (and it was dead) and we asked "oh Em, is he dead?" she said "Nope, he's not dead. He's just not crickley right now, He's TIRED!" *LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY is what I was doing, but was thinking..'i know the feeling'!!!*
So back in business I am.

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Beth said...

Too sweet! Sounds like you have has good reason not to be feeling "cricketley"
:-) Hope things are calming down a bit!