Friday, December 4, 2009

many milestones

We have so many milestones going on in our home right now! It's EXCITING!! Kynnedy lost another tooth today. SHE PULLED IT OUT HERSELF at SCHOOL!!! YIKES! I do NOT do the "tooth pulling" in our home. It totally grosses (sp) me out, so I am super glad she can handle that all on her own. She got her very own special "tooth saver" box to put it in from the nurse at school. Now the TOOTH FAIRY better go to the atm and get some cash for a trade. (I bet our little miss priss would take a check though.. too bad my name isn't listed under the "tooth fairy's" checking acct.)

As for the other milestones going on here--if you have read the previous post, you'd know we are in Potty School this weekend. I am happy to report that at the close of DAY 1, we are doing FANTASTIC!! My friend suggested I put some cheerios in the toilet to let Eli "aim" at em and it totally worked. But the cool thing is, He doesn't want the cheerios in there anymore. He just hops up on his stool and stands proud like a man, and fires off! GO ELI!!!! 2 more days of this 3-day boot camp and I hope it just keeps getting better. We started off this AM with him peeing in the froggy potty, then peeing sitting down on the big potty, and now standing. AMAZING! Now I just hope we get a "poo" in tomorrow, so we can keep making progress, His chart has 4 stickers on it!! WOO HOO! Emry has been so awesome to cheer him on all day and even do the "pee pee" dance for him (which he pretends to hate, but secretly LOVES) and Payton just wants to sit on the toilet ALL DAY! Sooooo my calendar will for sure have a weekend cleared off on it for her in the very near future. Here are some pics of the day coming to a close and our bedtime "routine" setting in. As exhausted as I am, it was so fun. Even if I did feel as though I had Eli handcuffed to me all day. Where he went, I went and where I went, he went. FINALLY...........I can go in any room I want... ALONE! The simple things in life ;)

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