Friday, December 4, 2009


I first must thank friends Kayla and Marlene for enlightening me to this 3-day potty method--THANK YOU! I honestly didn't know how exhausting it was to potty train children. My first two girls did it all on their own and at an early age. SO we are in a whole new world with Potty pupil Eli. We have spent serious dollars on rewards, supplies and food and snacks and juice to stay inside for the next three days to give Eli our full attention and dedication to get him into MANHOOD! We were going to do Eli and Payton both at the same time (she's so ready) but when she woke up for the first day of school and had poop that never ended, I decided I would clear three different days from my calendar for her. WHAT A CHORE!!!! Here's his reward chart started below. He only has one sticker because we are 6 hours in and he's only gone one time to the bathroom. He's had no accidents and is obviously HOLDING IT IN!!! this is going to be a long three days! I am praying for success by day three--so Kayla and Marlene, cheer me on---I give you both props---this is SERIOUS STUFF! Super HARD CORE!

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mandal said...

I found your blog through The Robertson's! And I love it! The football fairy pictures (posted awhile back) are totally cute! So now I stalk your blog :) And I am so glad to hear about your potty training adventures. I love the chart. We are about to work with our son...never had to potty train a boy so it should be interesting. Keep us posted on how it works for you! Your kids are also adorable and congrats on the pregnancy!