Saturday, January 9, 2010


No, not a baby! Finally I found my memory stick to upload pics to post on here. Boy I hate getting way behind, however, it's been good because things have been just WILD around here!!! Starting with as far back as Christmas! Our Christmas wasn't typical this year, but it was wonderful!!!!!! We spent it with adam's family and didn't do a single bit a travel, which is totally abnormal for us. We definatly missed all of my family, but had so much fun with our kids for two straight weeks. No stress, no schedule, just tons of fun! We saw Adam's parents on Christmas Eve and ate with them Christmas day, but the rest of the time was intimate personal family time that was much needed. We played so many games, played outside in the snow, and watched movies. We had Kynnedy read from her new Bible, about the birth of Christ and celebrated together, the true meaning of Christmas. It was really a blessing and memories were made!!

Then New Year's Eve came and went and I got to kiss the man I love. That always makes my new year!! ;-)

On New Year's day, we lounged around until time to get ready to go to rehearsal dinner for Justin and Maria's Wedding. Justin was one of Adam's football players a few years ago, also a precious family in our church and Maria was homecoming queen when kynnedy was the little flower girl for homecoming. So how fitting that they asked her to be in their wedding! We were so honored! She's always had bit of a "hangup" with Maria, though. You see, Kynnedy thought that she was supposed to get the CROWN for homecoming and has sworn ever since that Maria STOLE HER CROWN!! LOL so when they asked her to be in the wedding her reply was "Yes, but isn't that the girl who took my crown?" Maria made sure not to wear a crown on her wedding day so there would be no CONFUSION! LOL! Kyn's over the crown and just thinks the WORLD of Maria now! She was so good to her through this whole experience and wants to be in many more weddings now, along with EMRY!! However, the day of the wedding turned DRAMATIC! For me mostly, but still. Kynnedy was invited to go get her hair done with Maria and the bridesmaids. They were heading that way super early, so I opted to bring her a little later so she wouldn't have to get up so early. It was going fab and fun until it was her turn for hair. Things were going along until Patti (the hairdresser) called me over to her and said "rachal, look." Yep, you guessed it. LICE! OMG! I totally FREAKED!!! I have never had it in my life, and the whole idea didn't freak me out as much as, taking care of the whole house did!! STRESS O RAMA!!!!!!!! and days before our new baby is supposed to be here. So we had to leave the shop, run go get all the necessary items to take care of this issue, get her dressed for the wedding, do her part and come home and DEBUG!! I spent almost 5 hours going hair by hair the first night on her, 3 the second and thrid night and about 2 the rest of the week. So today is a week out from that incident, life is back to normal--well somewhat normal.The kids can't walk up to me without me SEARCHING their hair! I still wash everything daily (beds, pillows, ponytails, hairbrushes, etc.) but we are clean. Luckily it was caught in time before anyone else was affected!! PHEW!

Now as far as baby goes, I have been dialted 2-3 for a few weeks and 60-70% for the same. I don't think he's ever coming out!!!! this is the longest I have been pregnant out of all 5 of them!!!! CRAZY! We go monday again to the dr. so hopefully progress will have been made this week--if not, I am taking legal action!!!!! :)

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Beth said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I love all the pictures.
YIKES.....lice & finding it at the salon...WHAT A DAY! I know how stressful that can be.
I will be keeping you in my prayers for a fast, easy delivery & a healthy little boy in your arms! I can't wait to see pictures :-)