Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayers, PLEASE

Goodness, so much has happened and we have been through a whirlwind! We def. need your prayers though. We had such a wonderful time seeing my Dad, Rosa, and my maw maw up here for a few days to visit. The kids were so excited to see them and they had a blast going swimming at the hotel with them, to the park and to eat lot's of Braum's icecream. It made the transition to having a new baby in the house that much easier for them getting to do all kinds of fun things! We were so sad to see them go. It was one of the hardest moments I have had in the past 2 weeks. The other hard moment was last friday (the 22nd). We recieved news that Abram's newborn screen came back abnormal for a defiency called MCAD (for short). We had to go that day to have more bloodwork done and tests sent off to see if he really did have this disorder. We should be hearing the results soon. The tests had to be sent to california and they got there yesterday or early today. We are asking for your prayers that he does NOT have this metabolic disorder. It's a deficiency where his body can't convert fats into energy properly. It's very rare and there is no cure, but rather a treatment plan for life. It's a lifestyle change in what he would eat and how often. He wouldn't be able to go long periods of time without food. (5+ hours) and if he got sick, it would be a little harder for him to recover from especially if it was a sickness where he couldn't hold food down. He would likely require hospitalization. The newborn screen is a very SENSITIVE test and while most who fail it come back with normal results on the more extensive tests, we still believe that prayer is just what we need. We are claiming and believing in Jesus name that he is perfectly fine and we will recieve great normal results here in the next few days. I have more pics to put up of our growing man, I will do that soon. For now, we went to our two week check up today and he gained nearly a pound in one week and grew 1/2 inch. GO ABRAM! HE is a living doll and we are ready to enjoy this little man with NO worries! My mom has been a HUGE help through all this also. She's been here for the past 2 weeks and left today. So I am on my own, now! Let's see how having 5 really is, :) I love it already, no doubt about it! I would take 5 more in a heartbeat! (just for you mom)


Beth said...

Just said a prayer.... and will continue!

Anonymous said...

I live in Van Buren and I am a teacher. I got an e-mail last week to say prayers but I never heard anymore. Keep posting on your blog so we can keep updated with the process. The entire VBSD school district is praying!