Friday, January 29, 2010

small update:

We will be receiving one result this Monday Feb 1st and the other test result Monday feb 8th. It apparently takes a really long time to process. They have to mix his blood with all kinds of different stuff and "watch" it over a certain amount of days. Our Geneticist over at Arkansas Children's Hospital has already called my pediatrician this week to make sure things were still going well, and he confirmed that the test does take a while to come back. At least I have a clearer picture of when we may hear some news. The waiting is by far the hardest part, but we have definitely drawn nearer to the Lord through this situation.
To the teacher who commented today: Thank you so much for your comment and letting me know our ENTIRE VBSD school district was praying for us! We are so blessed and it is just one more confirmation that are exactly where God wants us to be, here in VB!I ask of you all, to please keep praying! I know the Lord has a special calling on each one of my children's lives and our little Abram is no exception. Thank you for all the prayers lifted already and thank you ahead of time for the many more that will go up on our behalf!


Sarah said...

I can't even imagine how hard this wait is. We will definitely keep little Abram and your family in our prayers. I hope the results bring good news.

Beth said...

Keeping Abram in my prayers.