Saturday, February 27, 2010

Alas, we are home!

We are finally home. Surgery went well and we didn't have to do a cast, so that's a plus too. However, we are supposed to work with her and a baby walker--WHEN SHE'S READY. She is doing well for the most part and her cute perky little self most of the time. She definately lets you know when it's time for some medicine. Adam got to stay all three nights in the hospital with her, and I came home with the baby. He said she did well during the nights and slept wonderful!! The kids visited her yesterday and brought her presents and lot's of family and friends were all there with goodies for her too. Maybe..just maybe things will slow down for our family now---just long enough to get this behind us! thank you all so much for your continued prayers!!!! It's been CrAzY here!

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