Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surgery and 6 weeks

So our little man with a huge calling on his life is 6 weeks old day! Wow, it went way to fast and had so many ups and downs at the same time. I did get his last results back and for now there is NO CONCERN. If we see the need to do more testing on him or if we feel something's just not quite right, then we can go from there, but all labs weren't too worrisome for doctors. So that's a huge relief and an ANSWERED PRAYER!
What are guy is up to:
He loves being held by everyone, INCLUDING all the siblings.
He loves being kissed on (most of the time)
He poops a ridiculous amount...we've gone through SEVERAL HUNDRED diapers in 6 weeks.
Sleeping is a favorite hobby, but it doesn't beat eating! This man can eat, and eat and eat. (tyical for the male, right.)
He loves to make all kinds of noises and is finally starting to move around.
He is so very observant... and there's LOTS to observe in the family circus!
Those are just a few of the things our guy is up to and we are so lucky and blessed to have him and the rest of our children!!
Now on to miss Princess Payton.
She had a terrible fall with Emry yesterday that resulted in a broken femur and surgery today. Bless her heart, she's been the best sport and is so tough. She had a rough night last night but has been sleeping soundly for the last hour or so. Surgery will be at 2:30pm today and we'll be in the hospital until sat. So keep this family in your prayers---we just keep going through a roller coaster of suprises and accidents and medical emergencies.. but it's what's life throwin' at us and we have the Lord to trust and Lean on.. no doubt we'll come out with stronger faith and a deeper relationship with God. WE ARE STILL BLESSED BEYOND ALL MEASURE!

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Noah's Mommy said...

Sweet babies! Always praying for ya!