Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday was a fun filled day at the fire station! Eli LOVES fire trucks and everything about them, so we asked if we could bring him and the other kids down there to see what it's all like! We learned so much!!! They kids had two fire trucks to be turned loose on and they took full advantage of it. Horns were blowing and sirens were sounding for so long, the whole town must have wondered what was going on! They got to try on all the gear and Mr. Fireman put it all on for the kids to see just what it was like when a fireman came in a house during a fire. They called in and had the dispatcher sound the alarm at the station we were at, so we knew just what it sounded like when they get "the call." And oddly enough, one of the fireman there was the one who came to OUR home, almost 4 years ago, when Emry fell 9.5 feet off our balcony onto the coffee table. He remembered her and everything about the situation. So We thought it was pretty neat to 're-meet' some of the people who came to HER RESCUE then. All in all, it was the BEST FAMILY FIELD TRIP EVER!

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