Friday, March 12, 2010

so much to say, so little time!

My sweet little Emry in one of her new JUSTICE dresses. The girls got a few new dresses from there this week and they are more than proud of them!

And a new do! this picture is actually not the finished product, but it's the one i have on here uploaded for now. I am actually blonde again and will post pics later. My mom has been here, you all know and she's been my hairstylist for nearly 30 years. She's the best! she gave me a cut and changed the color for me. and with that transformation, got me back in business with the start of a new and much needed wardrobe. She really does know how to make her daughter feel beautiful. thanks for all your help the last few weeks mom, and thanks for making me beautiful!! What a blessing and ENORMOUS help it has been to have you here. I can't thank you enough for all the times you have stopped your world to come to our rescue. What you do for us is so appreciated more than you could ever know. I am so glad you got to be here this week during these special times for our family. You are loved and appreciated and I just want you to know!

P is still not a fan of the walker, but she has made progress! We call her scooter booter!! She can scoot all over the place now. There's still 3mm where bone hasn't formed yet so we are still in the cast and her leg is still to fragile to walk on, but she's coping so much better these days. Thank you for all your prayers!

It's not spiderman, superman or's a dinosaureeeeeee named T-REX! HE wears this costume, that is at least 3 sizes to small, EVERYDAY!

I have had to get very creative with my time in this house.. who needs a dry erase board when you've got WINDOWS!??!! the kids have had so much fun drawing and playing school.

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