Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Besties for life

These two little Princesses are best friends. They are completely inseparable at school and talk like little teenagers when they are together. Emry has gone home with "H" a few times after school and our life finally calmed down long enough for her to come home with us and spend the day. We got the girls from school on friday and I kept Kyn out of school too so she could join in on the fun. Me and 6 little cuties had the best time at Bk doing lunch and letting the kids play for a while. Then I loaded them all up in the car for some ICE CREAM AT BRAUMS! YUUUUM! We had dress up fun, played teacher, and babies, rode bikes, and so much more. These two will be in kindergarten together at the same school and hopefully in the same class! They've been in the same preschool class for the last two years and it wouldn't seem right if they weren't in the same K class. We were so happy to have you over H. Let's do it again soon!

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