Thursday, April 8, 2010

A CrAzY night

Last night was so much fun and a lot of work at the same time! Adam had his wrestling banquet and his team and their parents were all there. So were me and our 5 little munchkins. Of course, going out to eat with children is work, but it always brings a ton of laughs!! The kids started out doing wonderful. They sat down and ate like little adults. then.....the compliments and attention started coming at them. They LOVED all the attention they were getting so they started doing more to get more. Payton was giving her princess wave to anyone who would look at her. Emry was telling jokes, Eli would just smile, Kynnedy was the little mommy and Abram would smile and poop and burp for all his attention. Soon came the time for Adam to speak and hand out awards and all the little ducklings followed him to the front of the room. There was a projector with a slide show going and while standing in the front of the room with dad, the kids realized that if they got in front of the projector, they could make shadows. So Eli, Emry and Payton are jumping up and down, making noises at themselves and totally intrigued by their own shadows, while Kynnedy (the mature one in the situation) is quiet as can be making hand puppet shadows. Meanwhile, the speech goes on and laughter is heard at various times throughout. I am in the back of the room, bouncing the baby, trying to keep him calm and quiet. The three jumping beans are starting to get louder and louder with their shadow making fun and Adam politely says excuse me and huddles around the thing I know, the children are walking like little ducklings back to the mamma duck. At this point, I am starting to sweat, hoping Adam's speech is coming to a close--Key WORD is HOPING. I wasn't that lucky. I pass the baby off to one of the moms there and start trying to entice the little ones with ice cream. We sneak off to get the ice cream and come sit back down in an orderly fashion. I was relieved and starting to cool off a bit, only to notice that Emry is now WEARING HER ICE CREAM. I am trying to get her all cleaned off without any meltdowns when I hear HI MOMMY!! Payton spotted me and made it very known. (she'd been with adam in the front this whole time) Then as all is silent, Eli yells "I gotta go POOOOOOO POOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I am thinking 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME??' LOUD LAUGHTER goes off at this time, so I whisper, just hold it for just a minute. just wait til daddy gets done so he can stay with the other ones while I take you to the bathroom. (at this point-I had the baby again... he wanted mom) So Eli holds tight for about a minute, when he yells POOOO POOO'S COMING!!!!!!!! I had no time to wait, no time to spare! Eli, Me and Abram RUNNNNNNN through the restaurant to the other side where the bathrooms were, bust through the doors and make it JUST IN TIME! Needless to say, I am dripping in sweat by now, tired as all get out and ready to sleep for a year. I still hadn't gotten ANY food--by the time 4 kids had plates, and I was done feeding the 5th. Adam had already finished eating and was speaking, and I was just out of luck and plain hungry! It was sure a night we won't forget but one that we will look back on and have a really good laugh!

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