Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hard to believe!

It's been so long since I have posted last, and I am ashamed to say it! It's been fast an furious around here and wonderful all at the same time. Since I have posted last, we've bought a new home and gotten all settled in. I am 2 doors down from my very best friend and in the same neighborhood as many of my other friends and another bestie of mine! The kids have tons of friends to play with here and we are just blessed. We have had an amazing summer and sorry that it's come to an end. I don't have many pictures to post of the summer but lot's of memories were made. We went down to Texas for a trip to see family, we had swim lessons done for the girls adn they were AMAZING! Eli even learned to swim on his own! We are so proud of them. We spent LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of time at the pool with friends and then the girls went back down to Texas for a week by themselves! We did shopping for school and went to the movies, birthday parties GALORE and so much more. But what's so hard to believe is that today was the FIRST DAY back to school and Emry started Kindergarten. K started 2nd grade and I am a wreck here at home with the other three. It started out to be one super amazing morning and the kids were so excited to get back to all their friends. We got there to drop them off and walk up to the playground with them (adam, me and all the kids) and they played. The whistle blew to line up and then that's when Emry got so sad...and then I broke down in a tearful EXPLOSION! I am still on and off tearing up/crying, and have emailed the teacher to check in. Thank goodness for my bestfriend, (yes, the one that lives 2 doors down)who took the time to go check on her in her classroom for me, and called to tell me she was doing great. I was considering hopping back in the car and going to get her and homeschooling my babies!!!! But wait, I can't do that.. I am starting back to school myself on monday! Yes, life is going to be a bit crazy for a while, but nothing we can't handle. We are so ready for a routine again! We have Tiny Tims and Timothy Team starting back up at church, dance lessons, art lessons and soccer too. Football games on friday nights and lot's of love sqeezed in there with it all! So glad to be back to blogging again and here's a few pics of our first day back at school!! (more to come on Monday, when Eli starts preschool!)


Beth said...

Glad you had a good summer! I'm very excited for you and will keep you all in my prayers as you enter this new craziness :-)

Anonymous said...

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