Sunday, October 17, 2010


My sweet sweet little lady got to participate in the homecoming ceremonies this weekend. She was so excited and she looked like a little queen, if I say so myself. Our kids getting to be a part of this is extra special to us in many many ways. For one, her dad is the offensive coordinator and he spends so much time coaching the boys, it's our way to get to be a part of it. Second, her papaw was a coach and head coach for 20+ years and he's still serving in the school district! Third, her big sister got to do it a few years ago, and she's excited to follow in her footsteps! The little master she walked with, is a doll and such a gentleman!! She got to partcipate in the morning and evening ceremonies and carried flowers one time and a crown in the eveing. This bio was read as she walked down the field *****I have some areas blanked out for privacy and security****** :
Emry (LAST NAME) is the daughter of Coach Adam and Rachal (LAST NAME). Coach Adam LAST NAME is the Offensive Coordinator for the (CITY) high school (MASCOT) football team. She is also the granddaughter of Coach Dennis and Jan (LAST NAME) and Ray (LAST NAME) and Pam (LAST NAME).
Emry is 5 1/2 years old and is Mrs. B's Kindergarten class, at NAME OF Elementary. She has two brothers and two sisters, whom she loves playing with. She attends (NAME OF CHURCH) United Methodist Church in (CITY) and is active in the Tiny TIms classes there . Emry's hobbies include ballet, tap, drawing and exploring her serious passion for fashion. She aspires to become a fashion designer or make-up artist, but in the meantine, she's honing her skills with magic markers and crayons.

SHE was a doll and made us so proud!!!! Look for birthday picutres next! UPLOADING NOW!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Precious!!! I know you and Adam are so proud!!
These pics remind me of homecoming when I was in school and it was a BIG DADGUM deal!!! They just don't know how to DO homecoming up here!!!

<3 Deanna

Becke said...

ADORABLE!!!! I love homecoming! I'm a Muldrow Alumni, but I'm slowly coming over to the VB side :)