Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday!

Well we had a birthday Blast for K's 8th birthday! I can NOT believe she will be 8 years old tomorrow. How time has passed in a blink of and eye and she's turned into a young lady. She is one remarkable child and we are so proud of who she is becoming. She's so quiet and reserved, considerate of others, sensitive to the people around her and has a bouncy bubbly personality all at the same time. She's learning so much, and eager to do so. She loves to read, loves to draw and has found her place in art and dance lessons. She loves to help any and everyone and just wants to please people. Most of all, she's learning to please the Lord. She just recently gave her life to the Lord and is growing into the child God has called her to be. She will be baptized next month and we are so proud as parents that we are able to be a part of that.
We celebrated her birthday in style starting at 3:00 yesterday....Me, K and her sister Emry, and 5 other little ladys all went to a movie, then rented a hotel room and swam til the pool closed and then went to the room to paint toes and nails, have pillow fights, and jump on the beds!!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUN! The girls all wore justin bieber shirts, ate a justin bieber cake, and listed to all his songs!! A birthday to remember, for sure!

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