Saturday, September 17, 2011

THE BREAK.....again.

This week has been a typical penderweek. Monday started off full of excitment as we were waiting on Grammy and Pops To arrive for a short visit. It was grandparent's day at the kid's school, so they came up for the festivities. They hadn't been here long, when we were all in the kitchen hanging out having a good time. Just to inform you of how it happened...I keep my dining room table chairs turned on their sides so no one can climb up on the table for serious injury. I have since found, it doesn't matter how the chairs are, serious injury can and will occur. Payton leaned up against the leg of one of the charis with her feet still planted on the tile, when the chair slipped out from under her and she fell about 1 ft. on her bottom. She landed just perfect enough to spiral break her radius and buckle her ulna. GO FIGURE! So my sweet princess who spiral fractured her femur last year (and had surgery for), now has a matching break on her this child whose name should have been "GRACE".

When we got home from the emergency room, little Abram was throwing up like was a LONG night and next day we had.
Then Eli woke up for two consecutive days with HIVES! Bless his heart he looked terrible!

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