Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time passes all too quickly

Our sweet Payton graduated from Preschool this year. It's so so hard to believe! Our third girl is going to big kid school with her two sisters and one of her brothers. For one year and one year only I will have 4 of our 6 kids at the same school!

Sweet Eli graduated KINDERGARTEN this year too! We have been so blessed each year with each child and the teacher God has appointed them to have! I canNOT wait til monday to find out who nexts years teachers are!

My heart is sad and excited at the same time. I know that everyone says it happens in a blink, but it really really does. I would love nothing more than for time to stand still for a while. I want to savor and cherish every single moment with my children and I don't want to miss a single thing. I consider it a true honor and calling to raise godly children in this very messy world. It's a job I will not slack on--the Lord has entrusted His children to us and I want to do the best possbile job I's just going a little to fast for this momma. Our babies aren't "babies" anymore. Judah is walking and I would normally be pregnant with our next child at this time...I'm not, so don't even go there! (though I would be delighted if God has planned for us to have more, I am just almost certain it's not His plan for us to have another). Abram will be starting preschool this next school year so I will only have one at home (tears)! Payton off to kindergarten, Eli to first grade, Emry to 3rd grade and Kynnedy to 5th grade. WHAT?!?%$%&*$@# FIFTH GRADE! how did this happend!? when did this happen!??!?!?

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