Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Check up and check out

The Two LITTLE kids had their well-check up visits today and it went SUPER! Eli is such a little man and is growing like a weed! Payton is growing even faster. She is almost 30 inches long and 21 1/2 pounds!! From her birth til now has gone by so fast. I guess the tree falling on our home has sped this year up a little! I wish I could have it back at times just -I would sit on the floor and play a little longer and absorb more of her infant stage. It just seems somewhere along the way she got thrown into the "mix" of our family and we have just now realized it. We all of a sudden have four amazing children! How blessed we are. Be praying for our house issuses and the selling of it. We have been given some wonderful news about all that tonight and I will go into more details on here as they come! for now I must clean----another showing tomorrow!

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